A new version of Soundshaper (4.4.06 May 2016) is now available for download. Soundshaper 4.4 is now the only version of Soundshaper and is released to all users free of charge, replacing SOUNDSHAPER LITE and PRO, which have been withdrawn. No new registrations can be accepted for Soundshaper Pro.

The latest version has roughly similar functionality to version 4.3, but writes entirely new scripts, catering for mono, stereo and multi-channel use. These allow almost 100% of CDP processes to be run with any source. They also incorporate automatic conversion of CDP file-types, so that for example a soundfile can be used as input to a spectral or pitch process.

Cell Patches (beta): a whole patch can now be run within one cell. Although not fully coded, registered users (only) can try out this new feature now, with some limitations. In future it should be possible to extend Cell-Patches to further layers. Cell-Patches are due for full release in version 4.5.

For other new features, see below.

MAC PORT and Version 4.5

Although Soundshaper runs successully on the MAC via products like Parallels, there has been a lot of interest in a possible MAC port. This is now a distinct possibility, but it will take some time to re-construct and test the program.

UPDATE April 2017: I will soon be buying a MAC with a view to a seriously starting a MAC port. A new version of Soundshaper (4.5) is also nearing completion; as soon as this is launched, the MAC port (and hopefully LINUX too) will be top priority.


The Soundshaper HELP manual (in HTML) has been fully revised for the latest version of Soundshaper (4.4.06).

A PDF version of the main documentation will be completed soon (April '17).


CDP Release 7.1 was released in July 2016. No new functions have been introduced, but all programs have been re-compiled.
Download the latest versions here:

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Version 4.4 (Sep. 2015 to present)

Version 4.3 (Feb. 2014-June 2015)

Version 4.2

Version 4.1


Version 4.0 and 3

Multi-row Example

The example below illustrates the use of multiple processing chains:

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Latest Download: SOUNDSHAPER 4.4.05  – freeware, but requires CDP software.