SOUNDSHAPER is a free PC interface for CDP, the suite of sound transformation tools developed since 1986 by the COMPOSERS' DESKTOP PROJECT.
The new version of Soundshaper fully supports the latest CDP Release 7, which is also a FREE DOWNLOAD.

CDP has a huge range of processes and tools for manipulating, creating and altering sounds to make music, many of which are not available elsewhere. Soundshaper makes CDP quick and easy to use. Together, SOUNDSHAPER and CDP comprise one of the most comprehensive experimental sound design packages available. READ MORE

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Soundshaper's sound processing engine, CDP, covers every area of sound design. CDP is not a real-time system: all processes alter an existing file and write a new one. However, on modern machines, a sequence of CDP processes can often be run faster than real-time.

CDP is very strong on granular and textural techniques, and processes which reorganize the order of events. It also has a large range of spectral processes, which alter a sound's time-varying frequencies: the inner 'guts' of its timbre. You can also separately extract fomants (peaks in the spectrum) or pitch, and manipulate or combine these characteristics in new and unusual ways.

CDP Release 6 (2010) introduced many processes for working with multi-channel sound, including innovative sound diffusion programs as well as spectral splitting and rhythm-transforming functions, and a fast spectrally-based convolver. The latest version (CDP7) has over 30 new functions which greatly enhance the overall provision in several key areas.

For a fuller description of what CDP can do, click here:  MORE ABOUT CDP
To download CDP, click here: CDP Release 7 (PC). Links to recent revisions are on our NEWS page.


Soundshaper is built around a multi-process environment, with easy construction of patches in an innovative patch grid (see screenshot above). Patches can be saved and recalled as fully-editable presets, for use with different source files. As you build a patch, you are working with processed sounds, so you can hear the effects of the process chain at any stage.

The latest version (4.5) has support for sub-patches, in which a whole patch is run within one cell of the patchgrid. Patches containing sub-patches can be saved and re-run as normal.

Soundshaper has been extensively upgraded in recent versions to support multiple channels, multiple parameter sets and up to 16 sound-streams. CDP's various file types are converted seamlessly behind the scenes and output files are saved as temporary files, ready for auditioning, viewing, editing and further processing. Files can be saved permanently at any point and any process can be edited or replaced with another function. READ MORE

Soundshaper has full support for CDP 7 and is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP through to Windows 10. Although currently available only for the PC, there are plans to port Soundshaper to Mac OSX and possibly Linux as well.


Download Soundshaper from the Downloads Page , then follow the instructions for installation.

The former products Soundshaper Pro and Soundshaper Lite have been withdrawn. Support is available through the CDP Users Forum and Soundshaper users are welcome to submit queries, bug reports and ideas for further improvement by e-mail (see Contacts Page).


The Soundshaper Manual is available as a separate download: Soundshaper Manual.
The manual has been fully updated for Soundshaper 4.4 (May 2016) and will be revised for 4.5 in due course.

Latest Download: SOUNDSHAPER 4.5.02  – freeware, but requires CDP software.